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What is TALAT?

TALAT is Plimsoll’s new online tool that catapults market and industry analysis into the digital world. TALAT – or Take A Look At That as it’s known – combines all of Plimsoll’s expertise and puts it into a user-friendly webpage.

Just like the printed versions of Plimsoll’s reports, TALAT enables you to meticulously scrutinise your industry.

With over 1500 subscriptions to choose from, TALAT will enable you to look at all the key players within your sector and will allow you to monitor their performance.

In just a few clicks, TALAT will allow you to:

  • Download the latest industry analysis in full
  • Create PDFs of selected company groupings
  • Receive alerts and review market trends online as filed year ends are added
  • Invite four colleagues to the service and generate debate in the office
  • Model your own company and generate a report based on budgeted figures

So instead of trawling through hundreds of pages of financial figures, TALAT gives you the results you want instantly.

As you know, the way in which we do business is changing constantly. Twenty-four hour access to emails means the busy manager never stops. That’s why TALAT is accessible on all platforms allowing you take advantage of this highly-profitable tool from all over the planet.

To find out more about taking out a TALAT subscription please or call 01642 626 419, or alternatively please submit your email address into the box on the right hand side of the page for more information.


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