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Who are Plimsoll?

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Plimsoll have been world leaders in providing industry reports and intelligent financial business analysis across all borders and industrial sectors since 1987.

A multi-language team of experts operate from our UK headquarters to provide a range of cutting edge global industry reports, by country, continent and worldwide, which are up-to-date, accurate and easily accessible.

Each industry analysis is presented in one language and monetary currency, allowing readers without any accounting or specialist knowledge to instantly evaluate the financial well-being of any company.

Each company receives a single page financial analysis which is accompanied by the Plimsoll Chart, which gives an overall reading of its financial performance over the previous four years.

Whatever your position, Plimsoll global financial and industry reports give you the whole financial story in any industry or market, so you know exactly where you - and your competitors - stand.

Plimsoll reports are used by 20000 company directors worldwide to assess individual company financial strength, benchmark company performance, identify acquisition opportunities and indentify potential customers worldwide.

Following are some short videos of customers talking over their experience using the analysis.

Plimsoll refers to Samuel Plimsoll, best known for introducing a safe loading line for merchant ships in the 19th century.

The safe loading line inspired the founder of Plimsoll to establish a similar method to give early warning signs of financial danger within a company in any market sector.

This resulted in the creation of a standardised model of industry reports and company analysis designed to provide at-a-glance diagnosis of the well-being of any company nationally, internationally or globally.

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