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Plimsoll Monthly Update Service

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Plimsoll World has recently introduced a monthly update service, which ensures all of our customers can receive the most up-to-date analysis on each company as soon as they file new accounts - straight to their email address.

Once you have purchased your Plimsoll report, you will be offered the opportunity to receive newly updated analysis on your industry every month, simply by clicking on the companies you are interested in. Click the image below for an example.

Report Analysis Example

This service has enabled our customers to know exactly what is happening in their industry, wherever they are in the world.

For further information regarding this service, please email me at peter@plimsollworld.com

Thanks a lot for your supersonic response! It will be very useful in our Bench marking, M&A and Strategic Planning activities.

Manoj Mishra
President-Passenger Car Business
Omax Autos Limited, Gurgaon, India