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Korea Toys Industry Analysis

Korea Toys Industry Analysis

Published 28/10/2016

This is an exclusive industry report of the largest Toys companies across the world. It is the ultimate global competitor company analysis for major players in the Toys sector.  Each company's financial accounts are updated monthly in English and analysed both in its own monetary currency and US$ to allow an accurate and reliable market comparison.

What does the report include?

Section 1 – Each company is individually assessed using the Plimsoll Model, providing:

  • Four years of financial performance, using graphs and providing a written summary.
  • Analysis of key areas – sales growth, trading stability, profitability, working capital, gearing (leverage) and immediate liquidity.
  • An overall company financial rating in the form of a Plimsoll Chart, identifying strengths and weakness in a single page per company.
  • A list of key board members, shareholders and subsidiaries.
  • A brief description of company business.

Section 2 – An overall industry assessment of the Top 100 in the form of ranking lists and charts, identifying:

  • Companies which are both financially strong and growing.
  • The fastest growing, most profitable and biggest loss-making companies.
  • Which have achieved the best sales and profit return on assets.
  • Annual sales growth, average trends and change in market size of the Top 100.
  • Contrast between small and large companies.

Why Buy this Industry Analysis?

  • Identify the largest companies in this industry sector in terms of sales, profit and growth
  • Discover how the business world views your company compared to the competition
  • Understand the financial health of the Top 100 - not just their sales ranking
  • Provides a financial early warning system on competitor companies which are growing rapidly
  • Highlights the financial strengths and weaknesses of the Top 100
  • Benchmarks company performance against global market competition.
  • Alerts you to new acquisition and merger opportunities

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