Other Questions

Q: How do you choose the companies to be included in the report?

A: We have an editing team with almost 25 years of experience who compile the companies that are included in the report. We use a variety of sources to validate the accuracy of the list including trade associations, search facilities and, of course, previous customer recommendations.

Q: Can I add companies to the report?

A: Yes you can. If there are companies missing from the report when you receive it, let us know and our editing team will investigate why they are missing and add them at no extra charge. We will also send you a copy of that company’s analysis.

Q: What do I get on each company?

A: Each company is analysed individually using the 2 paged Plimsoll Model. This unrivalled performance measuring model has been the cornerstone of Plimsoll’s report for almost 25 years and provides an instant, comparative analysis of every company in your market. The model uses a series of simple graphs and text based summaries to highlight the key areas of interest in each company’s latest performance.

Q: Do I get any information on the industry as a whole?

A: A comprehensive industry analysis is also included in the report to highlight the latest developments in your market. This will allow you to determine the impact of acquisition activity and highlight any potential opportunities.

Q: Is the analysis easy to use?

A: Written summaries and graphical overview highlight instantly, everything you need to know about your competitors, your marketplace and your own relative performance. The format is both easy to use and allows for instant comparisons of each company’s performance.

Q: How quickly will I receive it?

A: There are 2 format options that dictate the speed with which we can get the report to you. Choose the PDF version of the report and we can email the report within 24 hours.  Alternatively, if you choose to receive the report in hard copy we will despatch it via courier.