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Our Asian Report list


Plimsoll industry reports are used by directors and senior executives to provide industry analysis on the financial and market health of the top companies in Asian industries. The analysis, in one currency and one language, is current and updated monthly.

If you need an industry or company analysis instantly - perhaps for analytic, research or market reasons - Plimsoll can email a PDF version to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, a paper copy can be couriered to you. Please contact today for any further enquiries.

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Agriculture, Construction Machinery Sector

Mining, Quarrying, Oil & Gas Extraction Sector

Petrol & Petroleum Product Sector

Utilities Sector

Building Construction Sector

Heavy and Civil Engineering Sector

Construction Trade Contractors Sector

Construction Materials Selling Sector

Glass Manufactures Sector

Wood Product Manufacturing Sector

Hardware, Plumbing and Heating Sector

Food Manufacturing   Sector

Grain & Oilseed Sector

Dairy Products Sector

Meat Sector

Bakery/ Confectionery Sector

Food Wholesalers   Sector

Food and Beverage Stores Sector

Beverage and Tobacco Sector

Textiles & Textile Products Sector

Clothing Sector

Leather Goods Sector

Paper and Paper Products Sector

Printing & Related Activities Sector

Basic Chemical   Sector

Pesticide, Fertilizer & Agri Chemical Sector

Pharmaceutical Sector

Paint,Coating and Adhesive Sector

Soap, Cleaning Compound Sector

Plastics and Rubber Products Sector

Chemical Wholesalers Sector

Metal Sector

Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Sector

Agriculture, Construction Machinery Sector

Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Sector

Commercial /Service Industry Machinery Sector

Vent, Heat, AirCon, Refrigeration Sector

Metalworking Machinery Sector

Engine, Turbine, and Transmission Sector

Computer & Electronic Manufacturing Sector

Electrical Equipment, Appliance Sector

Motor Vehicle   Sector

Vehicle Part Manufacturing Sector

Vehicle Parts Suppliers Sector

Aerospace & Defence Sector

Ship and Boat Building Sector

Other Transport Manufacturing   Sector

Furniture & Furnishing   Sector

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Sector

Jewellery Sector

Office Equipment Sector

Cabling Sector

Security Sector

Beauty & Cosmetics Sector

Retail Stores Sector

Air Transportation Sector

Truck Transportation Sector

Rail Transportation Sector

Water Transportation Sector

Pipeline Transportation   Sector

Transport Support Activities Sector

Postal & Courier Services Sector

Warehousing and Storage Sector

Publishing Industries Sector

Computer Software Sector

Broadcasting & Media Sector

Real Estate, Rental and Leasing Sector

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Sector

Travel Agents Sector

Recruitment Sector

Waste Management Services Sector

Healthcare Sector

Accommodation and Food Services Sector

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Sector

Repair and Maintenance   Sector

Personal and Laundry Services Sector