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Plimsoll industry reports are used by directors and senior executives to provide industry analysis on the financial and market health of the top companies in industries across the world.  The analysis, in one currency and one language, is current and updated monthly. 

If you need an industry or company analysis instantly - perhaps for analytic, research or market reasons - Plimsoll can email a PDF version to you within 24 hours.  Alternatively, a paper copy will be couriered to you.  Other pricing and format options are available when you search your industry sector.

If you are unable to identify a suitable title please email or call the UK on +44 (0)1642 626441 for assistance.

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Agriculture, Construction Machinery Sector

Mining, Quarrying, Oil & Gas Extraction Sector

Petrol & Petroleum Product Sector

Utilities Sector

Building Construction Sector

European Air Filtration Equipment Manufacturers (European)

Global Air Filtration Equipment Manufacturers (Global)

European Architectural & Engineering Services (European)

Global Architectural & Engineering Services (Global)

Global Boiler Manufacturers (Global)

Global Bridge, Tunnel & Highway Construction (Global)

European Building Cleaning & Maintenance Services (European)

Global Building Cleaning & Maintenance Services (Global)

Global Building Materials (Global)

European Cable Manufacturers (European)

Global Cable Manufacturers (Global)

European Cement & Concrete Manufacturers (European)

Global Cement & Concrete Manufacturers (Global)

European Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (European)

Global Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (Global)

Global Commercial Air Conditioning System Manufacturers (Global)

Malaysia Concrete Product Manufacturers

Korea Concrete Product Manufacturers

Thailand Concrete Product Manufacturers

Korea Concrete Roof Manufacturers

Global Construction & Mining Equipment Manufacturers (Global)

Global Construction Chemicals (Global)

Global Diversified Building Services (Global)

Korea Elevator Manufacturers

European Glass Manufacturers (European)

Global Glass Manufacturers (Global)

Global Glass Packaging Manufacturers (Global)

Global Hand Tool & Accessory Manufacturers (Global)

Global Hardware & Plumbing Equipment Wholesalers (Global)

European Hardware Retailers (European)

Global Hardware Retailers (Global)

Global Heavy Construction (Global)

European Housebuilders (European)

Global Housebuilders (Global)

European Industrial Fasteners (European)

Global Industrial Fasteners (Global)

Global Industrial Furnaces & Ovens (Global)

Global Lumber & Wood Productions (Global)

Global Mining, Construction & Civil Engineering Machinery Wholesalers (Global)

Global Mold-Blown & Pressed Glass (Global)

Global Outdoor & Power Tool Manufacturers (Global)

Global Pipeline Construction (Global)

Global Pump & Compressor Manufacturers (Global)

Global Railway Construction (Global)

Global Road Construction & Maintenance (Global)

European Ship Building & Repair (European)

Global Ship Building & Repair (Global)

European Veneer & Plywood Manufacturers (European)

Global Veneer & Plywood Manufacturers (Global)

Global Windows & Doors (Global)

Heavy and Civil Engineering Sector

Food Wholesalers   Sector

Beverage and Tobacco Sector

Clothing Sector

Paper and Paper Products Sector

Printing & Related Activities Sector

Basic Chemical   Sector

European Abrasive Product Manufacturers (European)

Global Abrasive Product Manufacturers (Global)

Global Bath Product Manufacturers (Global)

European Chemical Manufacturers (European)

Global Chemical Manufacturers (Global)

Global Chemical Wholesalers (Global)

European Chemists & Pharmacies (European)

Global Chemists & Pharmacies (Global)

European Dyes & Pigment (European)

Global Dyes & Pigment (Global)

Global Emulsifiers (Global)

Global Explosive Material Manufacturers (Global)

Global Fertilizer Manufacturers (Global)

Global Industrial & Specialist Gases (Global)

European Inorganic Basic Chemical Manufacturers (European)

Global Inorganic Basic Chemical Manufacturers (Global)

Korea Inorganic Chemical Manufacturers

Global Leather Chemicals (Global)

Global Oils & Lubricants (Global)

Korea Organic Chemical Manufacturers

European Organic Industrial Chemical Manufacturers (European)

Global Organic Industrial Chemical Manufacturers (Global)

European Paint & Coating Manufacturers (European)

Global Paint & Coating Manufacturers (Global)

European Perfume & Cosmetics Wholesalers (European)

Global Pesticide Manufacturers (Global)

European Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (European)

Global Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (Global)

European Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers (European)

Global Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers (Global)

Global Pressure Sensitive Tapes & Adhesives (Global)

Global Printing Inks (Global)

Global Proteomics (Global)

Global Pulp & Paper Chemicals (Global)

European Recruitment Consultants (European)

European Solvent Producers (European)

Global Synthetic Materials (Global)

Global Tobacco Manufacturers (Global)

Global Unmanufactured Tobacco Wholesalers (Global)

Pesticide, Fertilizer & Agri Chemical Sector

Pharmaceutical Sector

Soap, Cleaning Compound Sector

Plastics and Rubber Products Sector

Chemical Wholesalers Sector

Metal Sector

Korea Aluminium

Thailand Aluminium

Global Aluminium (Global)

Global Bearing Manufacturers (Global)

Global Carbon & Graphite (Global)

Korea Copper  

Global Copper Ore Mining (Global)

Global Drawing Wire (Global)

Global Gasket & Seal Manufacturers (Global)

Global Gold Mining (Global)

Korea Gray & Ductile Iron Foundries

Korea Heat-Treated Metal Manufacturers

Global High Performance Alloys (Global)

Global Industrial Castings (Global)

European Industrial Valve Manufacturers (European)

Global Industrial Valve Manufacturers (Global)

European Jewellery Manufacturing (European)

Global Jewellery Manufacturing (Global)

Global Lead, Zinc & Tin Production (Global)

Global Machine Tool Manufacturers (Global)

Global Magnetic Material Manufacturers (Global)

Global Metal Can, Drum & Barrel Manufacturers (Global)

Global Metal Fabrication (Global)

Global Metal Forging (Global)

Global Metal Ore Mining (Global)

Global Metal Packaging Material Manufacturers (Global)

Global Metal Treatment & Coating (Global)

Thailand Metal Wholesalers

Korea Metal Wholesalers

European Metal Wholesalers (European)

Global Metal Wholesalers (Global)

Global Metals (Global)

European Mining (European)

Korea Non-Ferrous Metal Casting

European Non-Ferrous Metal Forging (European)

Global Non-Ferrous Metal Forging (Global)

European Non-Ferrous Metals (European)

Global Potash Producers (Global)

Global Powder Metallurgy (Global)

Global Quarrying (Global)

European Scrap Metal & Waste Recycling (European)

Global Spring Manufacturers (Global)

European Steel Manufacturers (European)

Global Steel Manufacturers (Global)

Global Steel Pipe & Tube Manufacturers (Global)

Agriculture, Construction Machinery Sector

Engine, Turbine, and Transmission Sector

Computer & Electronic Manufacturing Sector

Vehicle Part Manufacturing Sector

Vehicle Parts Suppliers Sector

Furniture & Furnishing   Sector

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Sector

Jewellery Sector

Office Equipment Sector

Security Sector

Beauty & Cosmetics Sector

Retail Stores Sector

Truck Transportation Sector

Transport Support Activities Sector

Computer Software Sector

Broadcasting & Media Sector

Finance and Insurance   Sector

Real Estate, Rental and Leasing Sector

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Sector

Waste Management Services Sector

Healthcare Sector

Accommodation and Food Services Sector

Repair and Maintenance   Sector